Incontinence is an issue that nobody is comfortable talking about. It’s awkward and embarrassing. However, it should not be. You are not the only person suffering from bladder problems. In reality, this condition affects almost one-quarter of Americans. It is more prevalent among people over the age of 30 and it tends to affect women more than men. However, with chiropractic care for bladder problems, you can significantly reduce the frequency of episodes of incontinence and live your life free of the fear of an embarrassing accident.

What Causes Bladder Problems?

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Incontinence is the lack of control over the sphincter, causing the bladder to leak. Depending on the age and sex of the patient, the root causes of bladder problems are varied:

•    Diabetes

•    Smoking

•    Prostate problems

•    Multiple pregnancies

•    Kidney problems.

What Are the Standard Treatment Options for Incontinence?

If you want to stop incontinence episodes, Western medicine proposes only one solution: inserting a bladder sling. This is a highly invasive treatment, which comes with some serious caveats:

•    Some patients reject the sling (which is made of artificial materials)

•    Poor insertion may cause ongoing pain

•    The recovery period is long.

Many patients do not want to take the risk of following this path. Fortunately for them, there is a safe and effective alternative: chiropractic care for bladder problems.

The Most Important Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Bladder Problems

Seeing a chiropractor has improved the lives of many people who suffer from incontinence. The most important aspects of this type of therapy that they would recommend are:

1. Decreasing Episodes of Incontinence through Spine Adjustments

Bladder problems may be triggered by various issues listed above. But every part of your body is ultimately controlled by one organ: the brain. To exert control, the brain uses the nervous system to send messages that regulate the function of everything in your body, from your heart to a finger muscle.

All the nerves in your body start at the bottom of your brain, run down your back through the spine, and then ramify like tree branches to reach various parts of your body. When you suffer from misalignments in your spine, various body functions are affected, because the nerves do not transmit the signals from the brain in a proper manner.

Chiropractic care for bladder problems focuses on identifying and resolving these misalignments through spine manipulations and adjustments.

2. Chiropractic Therapy Is Safe and Non-Invasive

Spine manipulations are not painful or dangerous. Although various descriptions you may read online make it sound as if the chiropractor is forcefully pulling at your neck and spine, this is far from the truth.

The chiropractor is trained to act precisely on the affected area and encourage it to resume its natural position safely. Your personalized chiropractic care for bladder problems will take into account every relevant aspect you disclose to your doctor, including a low tolerance to pain and the fact that you do not want to hear the popping noise during spinal adjustments.

3. You Will Experience Relief from Other Unpleasant Symptoms

Chiropractic care for bladder problems may resolve other problems you were not aware of. Realigning the vertebrae will make all your nerves work properly. Thus, you may discover that you are no longer suffering from slow digestion, pins and needles in the fingers or toes, as well as other issues.

Chiropractic is the branch of medicine that believes in healing the person, not simply making symptoms go away. The practitioner will not only inquire about your bladder problem but also give you a full physical evaluation and ask you to provide a medical history. In this way, the chiropractor will get to know you and understand what they can do to help you.

Incontinence impacts you both physically and psychologically. You deserve to live your life to the full, so seek chiropractic care for bladder problems. 

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