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We all know someone who has to curl up in bed for two days because they have such severe menstrual cramps they can't function. We also know lots of people who we stay away from at certain times of the month because we know that things can get a little contentious.

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For those that suffer from PMS or Menstrual cramps, you know that this is no laughing matter. But what about those that do not have menstrual cramps or mood swings? Is it just luck?

Or is there some connection between health, function and the spine? In this article, we will attempt to explain why some women tend to have a worse time at that time of the month. For the past 16 years, our office has served over 8000 patients and we have seen our fair share of PMS respond favorably to upper cervical care. We will discuss how we think Upper Cervical Corrections can have a profound effect on PMS symptoms.

PMS, Menstrual Cramps, And Your Nervous System

About 10 years ago I recall a 28-year-old gal who came into the office for care. She was referred in by her mother who had improved from Rheumatoid Arthritis. After 2 weeks of care, the patient was happy that her insomnia of 15 years had cleared. 

She was sleeping 8-9 hours for the first time in her life. She was happy but what would come next shocked her. One month into care she came in for a regular check and was happy to report that for the first time in her life she had her menstrual cycle and was able to go about her normal life.

Prior to the care, she would lie in bed in the fetal position for two days. By the third day, it would subside enough that she was functional. To some, this may sound incredulous. However, once you understand how the body works the idea that an upper neck injury can affect the central nervous system and cause a plethora of health problems isn't so far-fetched.

Menstrual Cramps And The Nervous System

It is well-known that the central nervous system controls and regulates ALL functions in the body. What isn't well understood by the public is how spinal misalignments can interfere with normal nervous system function and how that can translate into health problems. If the thyroid, uterus, muscles, heart, and lungs are all directly controlled by the nervous system then it is reasonable to assume that interference with the nerve impulse which controls them can cause trouble.

We all are comfortable with the fact that spinal misalignment can cause tight muscles in the neck, mid-back, or low back. But what about the uterus? Menstrual cramps are the result of the muscles in the uterus contracting stronger than normal. Why does one woman have cramps and another does not? We would like to propose that menstrual cramps can be caused by aberrant control over the function of the muscle of the uterus.

A prior neck injury from a car accident, slip, and fall or sports injury can cause interference to the central nervous system. The result can be a plethora of problems. One of those problems can be menstrual cramps. There have been several research articles published in the literature that indicate Upper Cervical Care can be effective in allowing the body to heal itself from PMS.

Upper Cervical Care is a burgeoning area of health care whose goal is to locate and correct the c-1 and c-2 misalignment of the Upper Cervical spine. These two bones can become locked out of their normal joint position causing irritation and interference to the central nervous system.

Upper Cervical doctors run an objective neurological test that determines whether there is an upper neck vertebra that is structurally locked and irritating the central nerve system. Once located precise uppermost cervical X-rays are taken to ascertain what direction the vertebrae have misaligned. Also, the angle of the offending joint can be measured and the magnitude of the misalignment can be measured.

Once this information is gathered a precise, gentle correction is made with no twisting, popping, or pulling. The correction is designed to free up the locked vertebrae so the irritation to the central nervous system can be cleared. Then the goal is for the correction to stay in its proper position for as long as possible.

While the "correction holds" healing happens. Normal postural tone returns as the joints in the neck move more freely and proper tone returns to the body. Upper Cervical care is a procedure that should be utilized by everyone over the term of their life to ensure the proper neurological function is occurring.

We hope that this blog has been informative and will positively affect the lives of many that read it. If you suffer from poor posture or have chronic health problems seek out an upper cervical chiropractor.

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