Autism Disorders and Natural Healing 

The general public is aware of the massive onslaught of children affected with autism disorders.  As of 2016, the prevalence of the disorder was found in 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.  Autism spectrum disorders have become an epidemic and the controversy surrounding its cause is growing.  In this article, we are not going to enter into the debate of what its causes are, rather we would like to offer information that has been shown to help these children heal.

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What Can You Do To Help Heal Autism Spectrum Disorder?

In the following blog we will discuss the following topics in aiding autism spectrum disorder recovery:

  1. The Gut-Brain Axis
  2. Upper Cervical Care
  3. Heavy metal Detoxification

Gut-Brain Axis

A burgeoning field of research with  Autism is the relationship between the intestinal gut and its barrier to the bloodstream.  Part of the parcel to the barrier is the balance of microflora (intestinal bacteria) in the gut.  

Research is showing that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) have an imbalance in gut bacteria. Toxins produced in the gut by this imbalance may be partly responsible for affecting brain activity. Most gut bacteria are beneficial. They aid in digestion, vitamin metabolites and it has been found that up to 80 percent of the serotonin in the body is manufactured in the gut!  

However when there is a disruption in the guts normal balance bad bacteria that are usually kept in check increase in numbers. These bad bacteria can produce chemicals that are damaging to the human body. To understand in greater detail how the gut-brain axis can be a contributing cause of Autism Spectrum disorders there is a great video published by Autism Speaks Group.  Now that you know that the gut is a contributing cause of autism what can you do about it?

Natasha McBride M.D., whose own child was affected by ASD, has a great protocol that has been helping these kids.  The protocol is quite rigorous and comprehensive. It not only addresses the re-inoculation of normal gut flora into the GI tract but it gives a diet and nutritional protocol to follow that helps heal the damaged gut lining. To read up on the GAPS protocol click this link.

Upper Cervical Care - A NEW APPROACH

Upper Cervical Care is a health care protocol that is concerned with maximizing the central nervous system function. Since ALL body functions are directly controlled by the nervous system, it makes sense to make sure it is not interfered with. Upper Cervical Doctors are specially trained to correct spinal misalignments that happen at the most critical junction of the head-neck area. The birth process is an inherently difficult process and can be the first time a child sustains a misalignment in the upper neck region.

The upper cervical spine, which houses the brain stem,  is responsible for controlling most of the body's functions that you do not think about. Heart function, blood pressure control, sleep, respiration, digestion, and others are controlled in the brainstem. If there is a structural misalignment at the top of the neck it can cause neurological interference and affect any part of the body. Upper cervical doctors are not treating diseases or symptoms rather they are allowing the body to function better which unleashes the body's own natural healing.

Upper Cervical Care has been helping children recover from autism. Research conducted by Dr. Dickholts on ASD patients found a reduction in many of the symptoms associated with ASD.  ATEC(Autism treatment evaluation checklist)was used to determine the improvements in the kids that underwent upper cervical care.  

ATEC is a one-page form designed to be completed by parents, teachers, or caretakers. It consists of 4 subtests: I. Speech/Language Communication (14 items); II. Sociability (20 items); III. Sensory/ Cognitive Awareness (18 items); and IV. Health/Physical/Behavior (25 items).  After a period of care, the ATEC score reduced from 45.1 to 29.9.

Heavy Metals Detoxification

Heavy metal toxicity has also been shown to be a contributing factor in ASD kids along with sensory processing disorders.  Research shows that some children lack the ability to detoxify mercury and other metals as efficiently as their peers. As a consequence neuro-toxicity can be a contributing cause of the neuro-deficits that ASD kids experience. A great article that reviews this theory and practice was written in Neuroendocrinology Letters Vol.26 No.5, October 2005.

There are several procedures that are used to chelate heavy metals out of the body. Their goals are to remove heavy metals from the body at a rate that does not induce more problems. Ethyl mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins to the human body and should be removed especially with kids that suffer from ASD.

We hope that this blog has landed in the hands of families that have been affected by ASD. Many people struggle in the mainstream medicine cabinet and it is only after hitting a dead-end that they investigate "alternatives" to conventional medicine.  We wish you health and healing.


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