I wanted to do a little research and see if I could find out WHY so many people get sick after getting the flu shot. 

As I expected the first several pages in Google were all paid and heavily funded by companies and organizations that benefit financially from people getting flu vaccines like the government, CDC, FDA, Walgreens, CVS, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutically owned websites like WebMD, large media groups like CNN,

The New York Times and USA Today whose owners have a financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry, public and private-owned medical facilities like Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, and Duke University.  So, the first several pages say: “You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine.” And, if you do not get the flu shot you are an “elites’ smarter-than-thou Alterna-medicine shopping and traditional right-wing anti-statist paranoid” (actual quote!)  

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Moving on through Google I found an article that didn’t try to deny the fact that people DO get the flu after getting the shot but actually explains how this can happen:  

 1 “The vaccine had not started working yet.” Supposedly it takes two weeks for the vaccine to kick in. So if you get the flu before two weeks is up you were either getting it anyway or you picked it up at the clinic where you got the shot.

 2 “You don’t have the flu, you have a “flu-like” illness.” You just aren’t smart enough to tell the difference between the flu and a cold or pneumonia or bronchitis.

 3 “You didn’t respond fully to the vaccine. It is still possible to get the flu after having a flu shot, either because you were one of the few people that was not fully protected or because the strain of influenza that made you sick was NOT included in the vaccine.” What? Why wasn’t “my strain” included?

 Now I think back year after year to the post-flu-season headlines, “Wrong Flu Virus In Vaccines Led To More Than Usual Cases of the Flu.”  

That goes on to say: “We missed it this year but now we know what we need for next year. So (even if you got the flu this year) everyone should get their shot again next year.”  

It is good marketing but I felt the need to dive a little deeper into #3. It turns out there are literally THOUSANDS of strains of the flu virus! Picking the right virus to immunize against every year would be like finding a needle in a haystack, almost impossible. I found some really alarming statistics about the flu vaccine that I feel I have to share with you:  

 1 “Among older adults who do not have chronic illnesses and who do not live in nursing homes, the shot is 30% to 70% effective at preventing hospitalizations from pneumonia and the flu.” 30-70%? Wow, that is a wide range. When a range is used so large it is a guess. No real study would have a 40% discrepancy.

 2 “Among older adults who do live in nursing homes or have chronic illnesses, the vaccine is up to 80% effective at preventing death from the flu.” So does this mean that if you get the flu vaccine you still have over a 20% chance of dying from the flu? So what happens when they vaccinate for the wrong strand of flu?

 3 “One study on people over age 65 concluded that one death was prevented for every 4,000 people vaccinated against the flu.” This was a study by the CDC and 1/ 4000 is a little different than 8/10.

 4 “According to the CDC, 90 percent of flu-related deaths occur among people age 65 years and older. Based on this information and the age distribution of the population, the chance of flu-related death for people in that age group is about one in 1,000. Another way of saying this is that the chance of not dying from flu for those 65 and older is about 999 out of 1,000. (For context, the chance of a flu-related death is slightly lower than the chance of dying from a fall or other accident.)” The study does not tell you how many of the people that died had the flu vaccine.

Is the flu shot a good thing to get or not? I guess it depends on who you ask. Do I believe that you need an injection of some man-made concoction to not get sick?

 No! I believe God gave you an Innate Intelligence that is designed to defend your body against any outside invader and is all you need to get well, stay well, and fight off any disease known to man.  

But you have to have a full expression of that Innate Intelligence throughout your body. There is only one place that Intelligence can be interfered with and that is at the top of your neck.  

Has your neck been checked by an Upper Cervical doctor to make sure you and your family’s immune systems are functioning at 100%? If your God-given immunity is working you won’t need any false, man-made immunity ever again.

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