In several of our articles, we discussed the conditions that chiropractic can treat successfully and one of these is subluxation. But what is subluxation? Is it the same thing as a sprain or a fracture? It is neither of them. In this article we will give you simple and clear explanations on the topic of subluxations, including their causes, symptoms and best course of treatment,

What Is Subluxation?

In simple terms, subluxation is the improper functioning of a joint. It is either misaligned or inflamed and swollen. As a result, it is no longer capable of its full range of motion. Any joint in your body may become subluxated:

•    Ankles

•    Knees

•    Wrists

•    Elbows

•    Shoulders.

However, spinal subluxation (the subluxation of vertbebrae) is one of the most frequent types of this condition. It can also give patients a lot of unpleasant symptoms, some of which may appear unrelated to the spine.

So, what is subluxation of the vertebrae? How does it exactly happen? In most cases, it starts with a swollen disc (the shock absorbing cushion between the vertebrae). This results in a vertebra becoming misaligned. Also, the swollen disc applies pressure onto a nerve in the spinal cord, causing it to stop working properly. Finally, muscles around the subluxated area tighten in response to the mechanical stress and nerve interference.

What Causes Subluxation?

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Now that you know what is subluxation, let us look at its most common causes. Chiropractors usually refer to them as the 3T. These are:


Mechanical shock caused by a severe fall, a car crash or a heavy load falling over you may trigger the misalignment of the join, followed by inflammation and tightening of the muscles. Also, various habits can lead to subluxation in time, through the result of wear and tear. Carrying a heavy load, such as a heavy laptop bag, on the same side all the time can lead subluxation of the shoulder or the spine. The same result occurs if you usually sleep on your stomach, causing your spine to curve downwards in an unnatural position.


Toxins have a negative impact on your body in more ways that you think. They not only cause your liver and kidneys to work harder, but can also cause tension in your muscles, resulting in subluxation of one of your joints.


Stress and negative thoughts cause you to grind your teeth and tense your body. You may not be aware of it, but you express your stress with your body, not only with the thoughts that keep you awake at night. Stress is rightfully called the main illness of the 21st century. Many patients who come to see chiropractors to treat a subluxation did not suffer any physical trauma and try to live a healthy life. But stress is just as dangerous as a fall or an unhealthy diet.

What Are the Symptoms of Subluxation?

We will refer now strictly to spinal subluxation, as it can generate a full range of unrelated symptoms. Back pain is extremely common, and most people realize it may have something to do with their spine. However, they may also suffer from puzzling symptoms, such as:

•    Numbness or tingling in the arms and legs

•    Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

•    Headaches

•    Stiffness in the upper back and neck.

How to Treat Subluxation

First of all, subluxation does not go away by itself. It will continue to keep you in pain and unable to do all the things you want to. The best way of treating a subluxation is by going to a chiropractor. You will not be prescribed any pills or invasive procedures.Through expert manipulations and adjustments, the chiropractor will be able to reduce inflammation, resolve the misalignment and return the subluxated joint to its natural position. If you recognize any of the causes and symptoms described here, you may be suffering from subluxation. We encourage you to search for a chiropractor in our online directory and book an appointment as soon as possible!

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