A collectively large quantity of antibiotics is also prescribed as a way to deal with this often troublesome and reoccurring condition. The symptoms of an ear infection include everything from irritability to mild discomfort and even persistent fever as well as severe pain.

Dealing With Ear Infections

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It is simply an accepted fact that at least half of all children will experience some level of middle ear infection before their first birthday. A larger percentage of children will have experienced some level of infection by the age of three.

Perhaps most alarming of all is that persistent inner ear infections are one of the most prevalent reasons for children having surgery under the age of two. These facts and statistics alone should give the alarm and encourage parents to look at all options when it comes to dealing with infections of the ear.

Resist Infection

Fortunately, there are alternatives to invasive surgical procedures and what can be sometimes dangerous pharmaceutical medications. Fortunately, upper cervical care administered by a professional chiropractor can help children in reversing ear infections in a healthy, natural, and noninvasive way.

This important modality of chiropractic care allows for the inner ear to open naturally thereby encouraging drainage. This, in turn, enables the body to resist infection and reduce the possibility of a buildup of fluid. As a note, a large percentage of children naturally recover from ear infections without the need for tubes or antibiotics. They are even able to develop their own antibodies helping to hasten recovery.

Tubes And Antibiotics

Upper cervical chiropractic treatment offers real and viable solutions to common ear infections in a healthy, natural, and noninvasive way. This is important to consider in light of the fact that chronic inner ear type infections result in parents losing days of work and children missing school at an ever-growing frequency.

Addressing infections of the ear without the use of surgery (tubes) and antibiotics simply makes good sense in light of ample research and many studies. In fact, research and studies have shown that in many cases antibiotics are simply not required when dealing with the buildup of fluid in the inner ear.

Reversing An Ear Infection

The use of surgically placed ear tubes is often in response to multiple infections. However, this particular surgical procedure can result in permanent scar tissue in the near term. Even more alarming is the fact that in some cases, multiple surgeries are performed in hopes that ear tubes will create the desired effect of reversing an ear infection.

More aggressive surgery known as adenoidectomy, which is the surgical removal of the adenoids is sometimes also performed. Parents should exercise caution when considering these types of invasive procedures. Contact Upper Cervical Chiropractic today for upper cervical procedures.  


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