Do you wonder why your stomach hurts? Or why you have various digestive issues, despite your efforts of eating healthy? Some stomach problems are not related to your stomach at all. In many cases, chiropractic care for stomach issues is the solution to your complaint.

How Can Chiropractic Solve Stomach Aches and Digestive Problems?

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Do you believe that every part in your body works independently from the others? Unfortunately, allopath medicine has led many people to think so. They see one kind of doctor for headaches, another doctor for stomach pain, another for heart issues….

In reality, your body is an incredibly complex and interconnected system. When one part hurts, it affects others. Remember when you had a headache? You did not feel like eating or listening to your favorite music. Thus, an issue affecting your head muscles also has negative effects on your appetite and your mood.

The same happens with stomach complaints. And this is exactly why chiropractic care for stomach issues may be the right solution for you.

Why Is Chiropractic Different from Other Types of Medicine?

A chiropractor does not see organs, bones, nerves and blood vessels. When we look at you, the patient, we see a whole person. So, we do not attempt to “fix” a part of you, but to help the whole of you heal.

When you have stomach pain, a chiropractor will not simply wonder what is wrong with your stomach. They will, in fact, consider one of the following:

1. Do You Have Spine Subluxation Problems?

“What does my spine have to do with my stomach ache?” you may ask. And the answer is: a lot. The digestive system of the human body communicates with the spine. The lower two sections of the spinal cord – the thoracic and lumbar sections – regulate how fast food is broken down and digested.

If your spine is slightly misaligned, then the nerves in the spinal cord responsible with digestion may be subject to pressure and not work properly. Thus, your stomach does not receive the correct signals to process food.

Chiropractic care for stomach issue attempts to solve this misalignment through spine adjustment.

2. Do You Suffer from Minor Scoliosis?

Did you know that many people do not have a completely straight spine? You may notice that a shoulder muscle pulls more than the other when you try to stretch, but you don’t take it seriously.

In reality, scoliosis (a curvature in the spine to the right or left) can cause a whole range of complaints, including digestive problems. When we see patient with such complaints, we use chiropractic care for stomach issues, including manipulations and exercises that you can do at home, to gently correct that curvature.

3. Are You Suffering from Rib Pain?

You know the feeling of getting a stitch in your side. If you were exercising too intensely, it may be a sign of overly stressed muscles. But, if you are simply doing everyday activities, this issue can be caused by misaligned ribs.

Since your stomach is contained partially inside the ribcage, any deformation of the ribs can put undue pressure on your stomach and stop it from functioning properly. Hence, the role of chiropractic care for stomach issues.


A chiropractor will look beyond your obvious symptoms to identify the cause of your pain and suffering. In our profession, we believe that treating symptoms is not the right solution.

We don’t want just the pain to go away. We want to remove the underlying cause of your pain.

If you suffer from digestive problems that your current physician cannot fully diagnose, we encourage you to seek chiropractic care for stomach issues. Find a chiropractor near you in the online registry and book an appointment for an initial evaluation.

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