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Generally, only one leg is affected because there are two separate nerves, one for each leg. What are some symptoms that indicate sciatica?

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 • Weakness in the affected leg, along with numbness and difficulty with movement that may even affect the foot
 • Pain in the buttocks or leg that worsens when standing, sitting, or squatting
 • A pins and needles type feeling (burning or tingling) in the leg
A person may wonder what leads to the pain. Here are a few things that may cause sciatic pain:
 • Problems with the discs located in the back
 • Extra weight due to pregnancy or being obese
 • Spinal issues such as swelling, cancer, or arthritis
 • Improper posture
 • Injury to the muscles

What Can Be Done for Sciatic Pain?

Most medical doctors will recommend taking such things as NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, and epidural steroids. These may give temporary relief. However, they all come with undesirable side effects. None of them address the underlying cause of the problem, so it will probably return. In many cases, sciatica is due to improper spinal alignment that leads to disc problems or problems with posture. Keeping the spine healthy is the key to finding relief.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Surprisingly, lower back pain of this sort can be due to a problem in the upper neck area that is affecting the entire spinal column. A misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter in the upper two vertebrae of the neck can be the reason for sciatica. 
When the body compensates for this misalignment, all kinds of problems can ensue. We have been specifically trained to examine the upper neck, using the latest techniques, to find the misalignment. Once this is corrected through a gentle procedure, our patients report a decrease in sciatic pain. In some cases, it is totally eliminated after only a few visits.

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