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Many people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease do not have the awareness that the brainstem and associated spinal nerves control all body functions. When there is a bio-mechanical irritation to the nerve network it can cause a global breakdown in body function and health.
Parkinson's Disease Research- Csf Flow and Case Study

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There are not many studies on Parkinson’s Disease and how Upper Cervical Chiropractic care can help. In 2000 Dr. Elster 1 published a case study including 10 Parkinson’s patients, both male and female with ages that ranged from 43-76 years old. 
This case study provides evidence that a Parkinson’s diagnosis can be tied back to an upper cervical injury. Oftentimes injuries occur many years in the past and the person never ties it back to their current health problems. Some of the people in the study could remember a traumatic injury from a car accident or head trauma while others could not remember a specific event. However, x-rays showed all had an upper cervical injury.   

All 10 patients were on medication and had been diagnosed anywhere from 2-20 years. Once a treatment schedule was completed 8 of the 10 reported improvements in their symptoms which led to increased strength, energy, and a decrease in spinal pain, with 6 of those 8 being substantial improvements. This includes walking 18 holes of golf, hiring a personal trainer to increase weight training activities, improving handwriting, or driving a car again. 
Recent research shows that an atlas misalignment alters CSF spinal fluid flow and arterial supply to the cerebral hemispheres. These altered functions have been linked to the development of not only Multiple Sclerosis but also Parkinson's Disease. It’s the same with the brain stem, if it is obstructed then it cannot send the signals to the rest of the body. 

The key to Upper Cervical Care is the gentle and precise corrections made to the upper neck whose goal is to restore proper neurological function... The x-rays are focused on the Atlas and Axis, which is where the skull rests. When these are off it doesn’t allow the brain to communicate with the body appropriately. 
Anyone who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease should have a consultation with an Upper Cervical Specialist.

Any chiropractor doctor has a passion for Upper Cervical care and wants to help those who have Parkinson’s Disease. You may still be asking yourself how is a brain condition helped by chiropractic. Parkinson’s is not just a brain condition but also something that impacts the nervous system. An Atlas misalignment impacts the brain since the brain stem runs through the atlas and axis and any misalignment will impact its ability to function and communicate with the rest of the body.
Upper Cervical Correction-Parkinson's Disease Doctor

Our Doctors will review the x-rays for an upper cervical injury, once diagnosed he can tailor an adjustment to realign the atlas and axis bones. This will restore the upper cervical region to what it was before the injury. Over time the body will heal and repair to the best it can. Our doctors will use modern technology like digital cbct and thermography to not only diagnose but provide relief to those who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. If you need help just contact one of our doctors and they will answer all your questions.

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