Expecting a baby is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life. She can feel a new life growing inside of her, getting stronger day by day and prepared to face the world outside. But being pregnant also means growing through many changes in your body: your organs shift to make room for the growing baby, and there is tremendous pressure on the spinal cord. Should you try chiropractic for pregnancy? Or is it too risky?

Chiropractic for Pregnancy Has Few Restrictions

Most pregnant women can see a chiropractor without worrying for their safety and that of their unborn child. There are certain cases where your doctor may prevent you from this form of preventive therapy and care.

However, these are rare cases related to pregnancy complications, such as:

•    Placenta abruption

•    Ectopic pregnancy

•    Vaginal bleeding

•    Moderate to severe toxemia.

Moreover there are chiropractors who specialize in pregnancy care. They choose to train and master specific adjustments and manipulations that are safe for pregnant women and help them feel better. Also, they have special equipment in the treatment room to allow pregnant women to lie down safely and comfortably.

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What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic for Pregnancy?

A chiropractor can be a wonderful ally during your pregnancy. You will get necessary adjustments to prepare your body for the experience of childbirth. You will also have someone to talk to about your pregnancy, apart from your regular physician.

Here are just a few benefits of chiropractic care for pregnancy:

1. Alleviate the Symptoms of Nausea

The first trimester is rough, especially for first time moms. Nausea accompanies many women all day long and they can barely hold in their food. Of course, you cannot take any medication to relieve the symptoms, because they would hurt the growing embryo.

However, you can rely on chiropractic for pregnancy to relieve stress from the nerves that control your digestion processes. Every part of your body is controlled by nerves, and most of these nerves are connected to the brain through the spine. Thus, spinal adjustments may reduce your first trimester nausea to a bearable level.

2. Obtain Much Needed Pain Relief

As your belly protrudes, your center of gravity changes and there is an increased pressure on your hip and leg joints. Many pregnant women complain of painful and swollen feet, and pains in the back and hips.

Chiropractic for pregnancy uses a set of specific manipulations that relieve pressure and tension from your joints. As blood flows more freely through these areas, you will feel better and enjoy better mobility.

3. Realign Pelvis Joints

A misaligned pelvis (caused by the baby’s growth) has two negative impacts on mother and baby. First, the baby’s intrauterine movements are restricted. Scans show that free movement inside the womb is critical for the development of skeleton and muscles.

Secondly, a misaligned pelvis may make natural birth extremely difficult or even impossible. Many new mothers had to go through an emergency C-section after prolonged and fruitless attempts to give birth naturally.

A chiropractor can realign the pelvis properly, allowing the baby to develop and then be born without invasive procedures.

4. Enjoy a Healthier Pregnancy

A healthy and pain-free body promotes a positive mindset. And various researches indicate that the mother’s moods have an impact on the baby. Thus, by choosing chiropractic for pregnancy, you are actually helping your baby thrive inside the womb, while you get to bond with it from its first months of existence.

While nutrition and supplements are important, a happy and stress-free pregnancy is just as necessary for having a healthy baby.

5. Learn How to Stretch and Relieve Pain

What if you get cramps and pains at home, in the middle of the night? It happens frequently, especially in the third trimester. Your chiropractor can teach you a set of stretching exercises that will relieve muscle knots and tensions and help you reduce pain in a natural way.

Chiropractic for pregnancy is a safe and effective solution to reduce pain and nausea and prepare your body for the moment when you bring your child into this world. Look over our registry and find a chiropractor near you specializing in pregnancy care!

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