The human knee is a complex mechanism. The thighbone, the shinbone and the kneecap fit together like puzzle pieces and are held together by cartilages, ligaments and tendons. Thus, the knee is capable of many things, from a relaxing walk in the park to world records in running. However, this complex and delicate mechanism is also subjected to intensive wear and tear, especially in the case of professional athletes (runners), couriers and postal workers. One of the conditions that overuse may cause is knee bursitis.

Chiropractors Explain the Causes and Symptoms of Knee Bursitis

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Chiropractors are among the best specialists in the world when it comes to joints. Their training and everyday work experience involves find problems with joints and the spine. Thus, the knee has no secrets for chiropractic professionals.

Knee bursitis represents the inflammation of the bursa. This is a liquid filled cushion that protects bones in joints from rubbing against tendons and ligaments. When it is inflamed by overuse, the bursa fills with excess fluid. Movement is restricted, and the affected joint becomes painful. Patients with knee bursitis may also experience:

•    Tenderness in the inside part of the knee

•    Increased levels of pain when standing up, climbing stairs or bending the knee

•    Weakness in the knee.

Why Resort to Chiropractic to Resolve Knee Bursitis

Many people still believe that the RICE method (rest, ice, compress and elevate) is the only way of treating knee bursitis. It actually means that you have to wait, refrain from using the injured knee and apply ice packs for pain. However, this is a lengthy recovery process, and it may be incomplete.

For professional athletes and people whose job involves walking a lot, this is not a good option. Incomplete healing means reduced performance for athletes. A long recovery period means no paycheck for workers. This is why going to the chiropractor is actually the most effective solution.

Chiropractic for knee bursitis involves:

1. Restoring the Functioning of the Nervous System

The nervous system controls everything in our body, including the way we walk and run. Through chiropractic care, misalignments are resolved, prompting a better response from muscles, ligaments and joints to commands from the brain.

Knee bursitis may appear as a result of weakened muscles, due to improper blood flow or poor signals from the brain. By solving the root cause, the chiropractor also helps heal knee bursitis.

2. Performing Joint Mobilization and Adjustment

In many cases, knee bursitis is caused by an inadequate gait or from super- or under-pronation. Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward for impact distribution when walking, running or jumping. If there is any misalignment in any joint, it impacts the way you walk and your pronation.

It may appear trivial, but a few millimeters off in the alignment of the hip or the discs in the spine can lead to lifelong problems in terms of poor gait, frequent injuries and inflammatory conditions of the ankle, knee or hip.

3. Restoring Flexibility and Strength in the Knee

Chiropractic for knee bursitis also involves physical therapy: exercises, stretching, electrical muscle stimulation, etc. The specialist will prescribe the right mix of physical therapies to achieve the desired goals:

•    Quick and complete healing

•    Pain relief

•    Restoring the full flexibility to the knee.

These aspects are especially critical for professional athletes, whose entire career depends on how well their body works.

4. Preventing Future Occurrences

A chiropractor will not just heal one instance of knee bursitis. Their goal is to make sure that it does not happen again. To this end, the chiropractor will give patients helpful advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent injuries.

Chiropractors work closely with coaches and physical therapists who look after professional runners. They are part of the support staff for many Olympic medal winners. This is the ultimate proof that chiropractic works and is preferred to traditional methods for dealing with injuries and inflammatory conditions.

If you suffer from knee bursitis, do not wait until it heals by itself. Go to our online directory, find a chiropractor near you and book your first appointment!

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