Migraine headache strike close to home. When I was a teenager I remember coming home to my mother saying, ”shhhhh no noise for the today your sister has another migraine.” She would lock herself away in a dark cave writhing in pain.

Often times she would dry heave for hours on end until the moment the migraine would break. Usually, this meant the next morning. For at least two days a month sometimes three her life would be shut down completely. 

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No school, no friends, no homework; just the waiting game. According to the Migraine Foundation, one in four US households has someone who suffers from migraines. Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world's most debilitating diseases. 

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine offers only symptomatic treatment. The relief that they offer comes with the deleterious effects of strong painkilling medications like sumatriptan (Imitrex), rizatriptan (Maxalt), almotriptan (Axert), naratriptan (Amerge), zolmitriptan (Zomig), frovatriptan (Frova), and eletriptan (Relpax).

Many sufferers get relief but the relief comes at the expense of loading their system with strong drugs that have bad long-term effects on the liver. Thankfully, my sister and thousands of others have found relief from a little-known health care procedure called “ Upper Cervical Care”. Migraines have been termed a vascular condition. 

This results from the vascular system's inability to control the vasodilation and constriction of blood vessels. Basically, it is the job of the arteries and veins to tighten and loosen in order to compensate for blood pressure changes. 

What happens when they don't? The person suffering from migraines will often describe an 'aura', a feeling that precedes the headache, and then an avalanche of pressure and pain. I have to ask the question: are migraines caused by a drug deficiency, or, are they caused by a lack of adaptation? 

Meaning if migraines result from vascular dysfunction then what is CAUSING this dysfunction? Upper Cervical Care and MigrainesIt is a well established scientific fact that all function in the body is controlled and regulated through the central nervous system which is composed of the brain, the spinal cord. 

If this is the master control system and it is responsible for all body functions then this is the foundation on which all peripheral functions in the body are based. Could it be that the vascular system is losing its ability to adapt because the nervous system isn't communicating with the veins and arteries? Let's take a look at how this can happen from a nervous system point of view.

The central nervous system is housed by the skull and 24 vertebrae. At the top of the neck the first cervical vertebra, named atlas, weighs two ounces and supports the head(10-12 lbs). This spinal junction is unstable and is predisposed to injury. 

Throughout life, most people suffer from traumatic injury that can dislodge the atlas vertebra from its proper position against the skull. When the supporting soft tissue(ligaments, muscles, and joint capsules) becomes injured, the atlas vertebra loses its alignment from its normal position.

Because of the lack of stability, the muscles at the base of the skull contract asymmetrically(left picture) pulling the structure of the spine out of alignment. The faulty posture puts stress on the neural tissue which then causes a chain reaction through the system. 

This predisposes the individual who suffers from this structural imbalance to have health problems over time. Finding a Migraine Specialist in Los Angeles was a Thursday afternoon when I came home from school and heard my sister dry heaving in the shower. 

She was in the throes of another migraine. A few weeks earlier I had received my first correction by an upper cervical doctor here in Los Angeles. I was feeling better than I had in years, but, I was not convinced the procedure could help migraines.

I knew that my sister had been searching for a migraine specialist for quite some time and I was tired of seeing her suffer. I grabbed a big salad bowl, and her, and put both of them in the car. I told her I was bringing her to get her atlas corrected.

She nodded and went back to the bowl. Twenty-five minutes later we showed up at the upper cervical doctor’s office in Los Angeles. To make a very long story short: my sister's migraines improved 90 percent over the following year of care.

Her top vertebra was causing interference to her central nervous system causing her body to malfunction and, in her case, resulted in migraines. I am happy that I made that decision many years ago.

The frustration I have these days is that thousands suffer needlessly and most have never heard of Upper Cervical. If you are looking for a migraine specialist then I recommend you visit an upper cervical doctor.

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