Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis affecting the joints that carry most of our body weight: the ankles, the knees and the hips. Unfortunately, it is a condition that most people will suffer from in their older age, because it is the process of wear and tear. Just like car tires get worn out, so do our joints, which consist of cartilages and bone ends. However, we cannot replace joints, as we do with car tires. The good news is that you can enjoy a good life and regain control over your body with chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis.

Is There Any Way to Prevent or Cure Osteoarthritis?

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Chiropractors are always honest and upfront with their patients. So we will start by saying this: as long as you are moving about and under the effect of gravity on Earth, you cannot prevent osteoarthritis.

In some cases, specific conditions or illnesses cause younger people to suffer from it. However, almost all elderly people have osteoarthritis, in a lesser or more severe form. But how exactly does this condition occur?

Here is the explanation for you. The constant movement of bones causes damage to the soft tissue of the cartilages. Your body, in the attempt to repair the damage, creates a fresh layer of bone (as it cannot create new cartilages). In time, the joints become less mobile, because the cushioning layer of cartilage is almost gone, replaced by bone moving against bone. Thus, there is no possible cure to reverse this condition – at least as far as medicine has progressed so far.

Chiropractic Treatment for Osteoarthritis Focuses on Your Wellbeing

No chiropractor will promise you to cure you of osteoarthritis. Thus, whenever you read an ad or pamphlet for a wonder drug or treatment that makes this promise, do not believe it. You will spend lots of money and build false hopes for nothing.

Instead, consider trying chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis with the purpose of relieving some of the most limiting symptoms of this condition:
• Reduced mobility
• Pain
• Inability to enjoy life to the full.

So, what can a chiropractor actually do for you?

1. Perform Massage to Improve Blood Flow

A stiff and painful joint can also trigger inflammation of the nerves and muscles around it. Chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis involves specific types of massage which encourage blood flow around the area, reducing inflammation and, consequently, pain.

This is a healthy, safe and non-invasive alternative to taking painkillers, which only solve the problem for the moment, and may come with unpleasant side effects.

2. Adjust Your Joints to Break Up Scar Tissue

Beside the natural process of deterioration, osteoarthritis may be made worse by scar tissue caused by untreated inflammation. Chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis will include spine and joint adjustments, which help break up scar tissue and help heal inflammation in a safe manner.

These adjustments also help solve misaligned vertebrae, improving the function of the nerves and helping solve other conditions.

3. Teach You to Do Exercises at Home

Exercising in a safe manner and in accordance with your age is highly beneficial for your health. A chiropractor can teach you the best workout routines for your fitness level and monitor your progress. You will not risk hurting yourself by doing workouts which are too intense or too difficult for you.

4. Encourage You to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle and Lose Weight

Chiropractic care for osteoarthritis focuses mostly on your wellbeing. A part of this approach is helping you put less pressure on your joints by losing weight. Through a combination of healthy diet and exercising, the chiropractor will help you reach an ideal weight and improve your overall state of health.

Chiropractic treatment for osteoarthritis cannot cure the condition, but it can make a huge difference for your quality of life. We encourage you to search our online register and find a chiropractor near you who can help you enjoy a better, healthier life!

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