A car accident is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. One moment, you are driving on the way to work or to the grocery store, and in the next moment you are trapped in a mass of contorted metal. Most accident victims suffer serious injuries, such as fractures, spine injuries or even traumatic brain injury. Even if you appear to be unscathed, you may still suffer from soft tissue damage or whiplash. In most of these cases, your best option is to seek chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries.

How Car Accident Injuries Impact Your Life

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Unfortunately, no one walks away from a car crash without at least some bruises and strained muscles. Pain can set in within minutes, or a few days later. Any chiropractor will advise you in all earnestness to seek medical help as soon as possible after the accident. 

In most of the cases, patients who seek chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries suffer from:
• Lower back pain that does not stop even when they are resting
• Stiff, painful neck
• Pain in the side (stitch) 
• Reduced movement in the joints, especially the knees, wrists, elbows and shoulders
• Headaches
• Tinnitus (continuous ringing in the ears).

If you suffered traumatic injuries to the spine, neck or head, the chiropractor will first refer you to a specialized doctor who will determine whether you may need surgery or other types of treatment and therapies.

The Most Important Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Based on patients’ responses to various surveys, we determined that they believe chiropractic helped them in the following ways:

1. Drug-Free Pain Management

Car accident victims can be in a lot of pain. The pain can be so intense that they cannot even lie down and sleep peacefully. The first solution any allopath doctor suggests is taking painkillers. Sometimes, they are over-the-counter NSAIDs, sometimes the doctor will prescribe something stronger, including opiates.

However, not all the people want to take painkillers. Some of them may be allergic to NSAIDs (especially ibuprofen), others may be afraid of developing an addiction to stronger medication. This is why they turn to chiropractic treatment to car accident injuries. They can enjoy pain relief in a safe and natural way, without taking any kind of substances.

2. Recovery of the Body Flexibility and Strength

Left untreated, some car injuries will leave the person with temporary or permanent impairment: their injured joint becomes stiff and has a reduced mobility. Likewise, strained muscles may never recover their initial strength, and this can seriously limit a person’s ability to perform daily activities or even do their job.

A chiropractor aims to restore the patient to their condition prior to the car crash. Apart from offering pain relief, chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries will also help you recover your body flexibility and strength.

3. Recovery with Reduced Scar Tissue Formation

Scar tissue is the body’s way of repairing an injured area. You can still see scars from your childhood falls from a bike on your knees and elbows. The same thing happens on the inside, when your muscles or joints are strained beyond their limit. The problem is that this kind of scar tissue will limit the flexibility and range of movements of the respective area. 

When you choose chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries, the practitioner will create a complex therapy plan, consisting of:
• Adjustments
• Massage
• Dry needling
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• Stretching and strengthening exercises.

These techniques aim to help the injured area heal without developing scar tissue.

4. Solid Evidence Needed in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Last but not least, the chiropractor’s initial evaluation and ongoing medical reports issued during the chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries are admissible pieces of evidence in court. If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, these records will prove the cause and extent of your injuries and, most likely, will help your attorney win your case.

If you were hurt in a traffic accident, do not ignore your injuries, even if they appear minor. We encourage you to find a chiropractor near you in our online directory and seek treatment for your car accident injuries!

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