Rib injuries can occur in various ways. You have a slip and fall or are involved in a car accident. You are tackled aggressively while playing football, soccer or hockey. Or you are a tiny framed woman who is carrying a baby. In this article, we will discuss how chiropractic for rib injuries can help you find pain relief without resorting to risky and invasive procedures.

The Danger of Rib Injuries

The ribcage is designed as a strong wall that protects some of the most critical organs in our body: the heart, the lugs and the liver. Thus, any damage to this body armor can have serious consequences for your health.

Among some of the most dangerous problems are traumatic injuries to the ribs, suffered as a result of impact with another object or human body. As a result, you can suffer from:

•    Rib fracture

•    Subluxation of the ribs

•    Muscle strain

•    Cartilage inflammation.

Do Not Leave Rib Injuries Unattended!

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Usually, rib injuries cannot be ignored because they can be quite painful. However, even if you only feel mild discomfort and a decreased range of mobility, you should still seek medical attention. Chiropractic for rib injuries starts with diagnosing the condition you suffer from.

The sooner you go for a first evaluation, the simpler the treatment course prescribed by the chiropractor will be.

How Can Chiropractic for Rib Injuries Help You?

Chiropractors are skilled in getting your most critical joints back in their normal position. When you suffer rib injury, one or several joints in the vertebrae of your spinal column and in your ribcage can be damaged.

Here are just a few ways in which chiropractic for rib injuries is effective:

1. Fixing Misaligned Ribs

Ribs are attached to the sternum at the front and to the spinal cord at the back. They should be approximately parallel to one another, all 10 pairs of them. There are also 2 pairs of ribs at the bottom of the torso which are free floating, meaning that they do not touch each other at the front of your body.

This is a very precise architecture. Whenever blunt trauma causes one rib to become misaligned, the entire upper body will feel discomfort. You may feel a constant shortness of breath, as the subluxated rib is pressing on your lungs or diaphragm. Through careful adjustments, chiropractic for rib injuries will restore the respective rib to its natural position, solving the problem.

2. Relieving Muscle Strain

Ribs have various sets of muscles between them. They help you bend over and lift various items. However, if you lift a very heavy weight or make a sudden and wrong move, you may pull an intercostal muscle.

This can be very painful – especially when you breathe in. You will feel a constant sharp pain to your side every time you take a breath and this can become debilitating for anyone. A chiropractor will perform careful massages and manipulations to relieve the strain and help the muscle heal without developing scar tissue.

3. Realigning Subluxated Vertebrae

Since ribs are attached to the spinal column, any misalignment of the respective vertebrae can cause the rib cage to become bent out of shape. Even if it is a tiny subluxation, you will feel the discomfort and experienced a reduce range of motions.

Chiropractic for rib injuries will deal with the problem at its point of origin – meaning, the misaligned vertebra. Chiropractors know a complete range of adjustment especially for the spinal column, to set it straight and relieve undue pressure and stress on nerves and muscles.

4. Reducing Cartilage Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to soft tissue injury. The white blood cells in your blood will be triggered by the injury and create a special chemical that increases blood flow in the respective area, in order to protect it from bacteria or microbes. As a result, you experience pain and swelling.

The chiropractor will reverse the effects of inflammation through careful manipulations that encourage blood to flow away from the inflamed cartilage. This will also speed up recovery without the formation of scar tissue.

Did you suffer a rib injury? Don’t wait until it gets worse, find a chiropractor near you in our online registry and book your first evaluation appointment!

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