You are jogging, playing tennis, or swimming and then you feel the tension and sharp pain. It can be in your leg, in your back, or your arm. You stop and massage the area and you feel fine. But the problem happens again and again. This is how people experience muscle knots. This is a recurring condition because it has an unresolved underlying cause. If you want to solve it without resorting to pills or invasive interventions, we recommend chiropractic for muscle knots.

The Causes and Symptoms of Muscle Knots

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Muscle knots are painful – this is the primary symptom. However, patients also experience tension or stiffness. On occasions, a finger or toe may become stuck in an awkward position and you feel unable to straighten it. This is because the muscle operating that finger or toe is completely tense.

Why do these episodes happen? What are the reasons why people suffer from muscle knots? Chiropractors know that this condition can be triggered by:

•    Poor ergonomics at work

•    Poor posture or gait

•    Joint problems

•    Dehydration

•    Fatigue.

The last two causes should be an alarm sign for athletes and people who exercise a lot. Drinking water and taking breaks when you feel extremely tired are very important, not just for avoiding muscle knots, but also for your health and safety.

Chiropractors Explain: Are Muscle Knots Dangerous?

Can you just ignore muscle knots and do nothing about the issue? How bad can it get? By themselves, tense and painful muscles are not a life-threatening problem. But they can contribute to serious injuries, especially when you are jogging or playing a contact sport (like football or rugby).

Also, people who experience muscle knots while swimming tend to panic, and this increases the risk of drowning. Even if you are not in any of these situations, muscle knots limit your ability to lead an active life and enjoy yourself. For this reason, we recommend chiropractic for muscle knots.

How Can Chiropractic for Muscle Knots Solve Your Problem

The chiropractor will not stop at the issue of the painful and tense muscles but search for the underlying cause. Also, the chiropractor will evaluate your fitness and specific risks that may trigger muscle knots, such as:

•    Stress

•    Fibromyalgia

•    Aging.

Depending on each specific case, chiropractic for muscle knots may include several types of therapies, such as:

1. Joint and Spine Adjustments

Adjustments will resolve one of the main causes of muscle knots – joint problems. An unstable or misaligned joint will cause specific muscle groups to work harder than others to perform specific movements. In time, this type of overuse leads to inflammation and muscle knots.

2. Stretching and Exercise

Amateur athletes tend to suffer from muscle knots because they do not stretch and warm up properly before they start exercising. Chiropractic for muscle knots will include a stretching routine and exercises that help strengthen the muscles.

Also, the chiropractor will teach the patient how to warm up properly, and how to cool down after exercising. This is the best way of protecting the muscles from injury and inflammation.

3. Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasounds help relax tense muscles. This is a technique used by chiropractors for many inflammatory conditions, including tennis elbow and knee bursitis. As part of the overall therapeutic plan, ultrasounds are beneficial in helping the patient find relief from pain.

4. Referring the Patient for Supplementary Therapies

Chiropractic for muscle knots works well with other natural healing therapies, such as acupuncture. Many chiropractors collaborate with other specialists and refer their patients to them if they believe that this would help them heal faster.

Chiropractic for muscle knots is an effective, safe, and non-invasive therapy that anyone can try with confidence. 

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