Today’s children are practically born with a smartphone in their hands. How many times have you seen moms and dads giving their toddlers their phones to play with and stay quiet? Unfortunately, too many times. As for school-aged children – they are practically pros at using the latest tech gadgets and can teach you a few lessons about them.

This comes with a negative impact on their health: the tech neck. We are talking of the unnatural position of the head, neck, and shoulders while using a mobile phone. And we will explain why chiropractic care for tech neck in children is a good choice for any parent.

How Do You Recognize Tech Neck in Children?

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You do not have to be a doctor to realize that your child spends way too much time bent over the smartphone or laptop screen. You do it, as well, and know-how uncomfortable it is. However, for children, who are still in the growth period, this is also dangerous.

Tech neck is not just a series of symptoms but the description of an unnatural posture that may become permanent if left untreated. Also, the short-term symptoms are also worrying. They include:
• Stiff and painful neck
• Spasms in the neck muscles
• Pain in the space between the shoulder blades
• Numb or tingling fingers
• Blurred vision.

So, how can chiropractic care for tech neck solve these issues and help your child develop in a healthy manner?

What Chiropractors Do for Tech Neck

The first thing any chiropractor will do is evaluate the patient. Some children have early signs of tech neck. For them, a few exercises and limiting the time on smart devices may be sufficient to solve the issue.

However, children that spend several hours every day on a smartphone or laptop may need chiropractic care for tech neck. The chiropractor will use specific techniques, adapted for children’s smaller and more delicate bodies.
The entire therapy may include:

1. Stretching Exercises

Neck stretches are very easy to do, even for a child, and highly effective. The chiropractor will teach you, child, how to do neck rolls safely, without injuring a muscle. Another helpful exercise is the neck flexion stretch – pulling back your shoulders while lowering your head until the chin touches the chest.

Although they appear simple, these stretches play a great role in chiropractic care for tech neck. Your child will perform them under the chiropractor’s supervision, as well as at home, under your supervision.

2. Relieving Tension through Manipulations

Manipulations of the neck have the role of reducing tension on muscles and joints. Extreme tension – especially in a child’s muscles, can lead to inflammation and even micro-tears, which can be very painful.

The chiropractic care for tech neck is completely safe for your child. As explained above, chiropractors are trained in special techniques for various types of patients: children, athletes, pregnant women, etc.

3. Advising You on the Proper Posture While Using Smart Devices

A chiropractor knows everything about correct posture. Thus, you can ask for their assistance to create a healthy set-up for your child when using a smartphone, laptop, or gaming console.

Chiropractic care for tech neck goes beyond adjustments and in-person treatment. A chiropractor can help you create a healthy environment at home, without depriving your child of their favorite devices. You will also learn how much you should let your child use their computer and smartphone and how to encourage him to lead a more active life and embrace physical exercise.

An experienced chiropractor near you is ready to help you solve your child’s tech neck. 

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