For most of us the winter season means Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s Eve: occasions to spend quality time with our loved ones and relax. However, for some people, the cold season means runny nose and other sinus issues. This article will show you the reason why chiropractic care for sinus problems is the best approach so that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays with a smile.

What Exactly Is the Role of Sinuses?

Sinuses are eight hollow spaces situated within your forehead, around the area of your eyebrows. This is why you feel pressure in that area when you suffer from a bout of sinusitis.

These hollows are lined with a sticky lining. Its role is to trap any particles and impurities from the air you breathe. Otherwise, all these particles would end up in your lungs, causing more serious health problems. Thus, the proper functioning of the sinuses is essential for your health. They are the most important barrier between polluted air outside and the inside of your body.

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What Are the Main Causes of Sinus Problems?

The most common sinus issue is called sinusitis. It is an inflammation of the sticky lining in the sinuses, which starts secreting mucus. This is why you feel pressure in your forehead and have a runny nose.

Sinus problems can also be triggered by allergies, especially to pollen, dust, mold and fungi. This is why spring and autumn are the periods of the year when many people with allergies suffer from sinusitis and other sinus problems.

Is Chiropractic Care for Sinus Problems a Solution?

If you reached this page, then you probably have a general idea on how chiropractic works. The practitioner uses their hands to adjust people’s spines and help them find relief from pain and various syndromes, from tennis elbow to bursitis.

This is a part of the true range of conditions that chiropractic can help with. In reality, spine misalignments that prevent nerves from working properly can be responsible for many conditions and symptoms, from poor digestion to sinus problems.

Here are some ways in which a chiropractor can help with your sinus issues:

Find Relief from Sinusitis in a Natural and Non-Invasive Manner

Chiropractic care for sinus problems involves manipulations which help reduce inflammation. This means that your sinuses will be drained of excess mucus and you stop feeling the pressure in your forehead. This is commonly done by performing neck and spine adjustments.

This type of therapy does not physically affect the lining of your sinuses. Nose sprays, by contrast, act as a draining factor. They leave the sinus lining too dry, causing it to secrete more mucus in a self-regulation attempt. This is why some people always seem to have a nasal spray with them – they have created a vicious circle.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Seasonal sinus issues can be caused by allergies or a weakened immune system. By fixing misalignments in your spine, chiropractic care for sinus problems actually helps improve the way your immune system works.

This means that your organism will be better prepared to tackle microbes and bacteria, and you can brave the cold season without even one sneeze.

Learn Healthy Habits to Prevent Sinus Problems

Last but not least, the chiropractor will teach you how to improve your lifestyle to prevent, rather than cure sinus problems. Some of the key factors that cause such problems are:
• Smoking
• Not airing every room in the house properly
• High levels of indoor humidity
• Exposure to dust, mold, mildew
• Animal hair (cats, dogs, etc.).

Thus, chiropractic care for sinus problems is actually a holistic approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing and allowing you to enjoy every minute of it.

If you suffer from sinus problems, chiropractic care can help you get better without using any drugs or sprays and even prevent future relapses. We encourage you to find a chiropractor near you in our online directory and book your first appointment!

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