Suffering from acid reflux can really take the joy out of each meal. You are already thinking about the heartburn, the nausea and the acidic taste in your mouth. And you have no idea why you suffer from this condition. After trying various remedies, many people like you finally decide to choose chiropractic care for acid reflux.

A chiropractor will first try to find out why you suffer from heartburn and other symptoms associated with acid reflux. The treatment pan will focus on resolving these health issues. After several therapy sessions, you will notice that the acid reflux occurs with reduced frequency. When the chiropractor tells you that you are healed, you will no longer suffer from heartburns and other symptoms.

What Are the Causes of Acid Reflux?

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First of all, let us understand what exactly happens in your digestive tract. Acid reflux means that the stomach acid, used to digest the food, goes up along the esophagus towards your throat.

This happens for several reasons:
• You have hiatal hernia – the upper part of your stomach pushes through the diaphragm
• A diet rich in fatty and spicy foods
• Obesity
• Pregnancy
• Poor posture
• Taking various medications
• Stress.

The good news is that chiropractic care for acid reflux can solve many of these underlying issues. Alternatively, the chiropractor can help you manage special conditions (like stress and pregnancy) so that you can live free of unpleasant symptoms.

How a Chiropractor Can Treat Acid Reflux

Depending on the root cause, the specialist will create a personalized plan of chiropractic care for acid reflux:

1. Hiatal Hernia

Chiropractic manipulations are extremely effective in treating hiatal hernia in a non-invasive manner. The chiropractor will gently help the stomach regain its position in the thoracic cavity. During the entire course of treatment, the patient will not feel pain or discomfort.

An experienced chiropractor can perceive when the patient is tense or distressed, and will adjust the strength and type of manipulations. Chiropractic is never about “manhandling” the patient into a proper position of the spine and joints. Every movement is carefully planned and executed for maximum efficiency and minimal pain.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnant women can safely see a chiropractor. This is one of the most important things you need to know, and dismiss any myths you may have read online. Chiropractic care for acid reflux is a highly personalized treatment routine, which takes into account every aspect regarding the patient.

Chiropractors receive special training to care for different categories of patients: pregnant women, children, frail elderly persons. You and your unborn baby will never be at risk while the chiropractor is working on alleviating your acid reflux symptoms.

3. Poor Posture

Spine and joint adjustments are extremely effective in correcting poor posture and encouraging the patient to adopt a healthy one. The chiropractor will identify the issue and teach you how to stand, sit and lie down in a neutral position, which does not put pressure on your spine, muscles and joints.

After you complete the course of treatment, you may notice that chiropractic care for acid reflux has actually helped you get rid of other unpleasant symptoms associated with poor posture, such as back pain and tension headaches.

4. Obesity and Poor Diet

Chiropractic is not only about making adjustments to your body, but also improving your lifestyle in general. A chiropractor can be a very supportive and knowledgeable ally in the process of changing your diet and your habits and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

You will not be given difficult goals to reach or tasks to perform, as other specialists do in an attempt to “fast forward” your transformation. Chiropractic care for acid reflux is about your wellbeing and comfort in making the right choices for your life.

If you suffer from heartburn after meals or during the night, try chiropractic care for acid reflux. We invite you to find a chiropractor near you in our online directory and book your first appointment!

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