Can A Neck Injury Cause Trigeminal Neuralgia

Patients who suffered from muscle tightness at the base of the skull had a higher incidence of the severity of post-TBI symptoms and longer recoveries. The research showed when the Rectus Capitus Posterior Minor muscle was tight there was a correlation between symptom severity. The tighter the neck muscles were the more pressure or irritation there is to the brain stem.

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Not too long ago a breakthrough anatomical finding showed that this muscle had a direct attachment to the sheath that covers the spinal column.  It may be that Trigeminal Neuralgia cases have neck injury before TN onset. The nuclei that control the Trigeminal nerve have their control center in the brainstem which is in close proximity to the rectus capital oblique muscles dural attachment.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Doctors throughout the country that practice Upper Cervical Chiropractic have seen great results with Trigeminal Neuralgia patients. While it is not a cure-all many that have received care have had their lives change for the better. Many cases find long-lasting relief and are able to get off of their medications.

The Upper Cervical Procedure has one goal. Locate nerve irritation to the spinal cord and correct it. The upper cervical doctor does this by first running objective tests to locate the problem. Second, a precise set of x-rays is taken to determine what direction the vertebra in the neck has misaligned. By knowing the direction of misalignment and angulation of the joint the doctor can precisely make a correction. 

The correction does not involve twisting, popping, or pulling the neck. Care is administered over time. Healing does not happen overnight.


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