Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an auto-immune degenerative disease for which doctors and researchers have not found a cure yet. However, there is significant progress in the way MS patients can enjoy their life. Palliative care will give them a better quality of life, free of some of their pain and other negative symptoms. We believe that chiropractic can help multiple sclerosis patients from this point of view better than various drugs or more invasive procedures.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

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Auto-immune diseases mean that the immune system recognized a part of the body as a harmful intruder and attacks it. In the case of MS, the immune system attacks myelin – the sheath that covers all the nerves in the body.

Over the time, these nerves become permanently damaged and, little by little, the patient loses the function of their limbs. This is a progressive condition, which may start in early childhood or early adulthood with symptoms which are easily overlooked, such as:

•    Dizziness

•    Fatigue

•    Lack of coordination.

What Are the Major Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

As the deterioration of nerves progresses, patients will start noticing worrying symptoms, such as:

•    Sensations similar to electrical shock waves

•    Numbness or weakness in the limbs or trunk

•    Slurred speech

•    Double or blurry vision

•    Tremors.

Over the time, MS patients will also experience loss of control over their bowel and bladder functions, as well as loss of sexual function (especially male patients).

How Can Chiropractic Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients?

Let us make one thing clear to avoid any misunderstandings: chiropractic does not cure multiple sclerosis. At the present there is no treatment or therapy to stop or reverse the nerve damage caused by MS.

What a chiropractor will focus on is helping patients enjoy a better quality of life by offering them relief from various symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Adjustments Can Benefit MS Patients

Chiropractic can help multiple sclerosis patients by reducing the nerve interference caused by misalignments. Although this does not solve the physical damage to the nerves, resolving pinched nerves and other issues associated with spinal subluxations can slightly improve their sense of coordination and control over various functions.

For this reason, it is important to start chiropractic care as soon as possible after being diagnosed with MS. It may slow down the progress of the disease, allowing patients to adjust to the new reality of their future life.

Chiropractic Can Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients Keep Some Muscle Tone

Loss of mobility results in loss of muscle tone over time. In turn, this leads to increased risk of bone fractures due to tremors and spastic episodes. Specialized chiropractic massages may maintain muscle tone even in the absence of limb functions, allowing patients to feel more comfortable and avoid painful injuries.

A Chiropractor Takes a Holistic Approach to MS Patient Care

Multiple sclerosis cripples the body, the cognitive functions and, ultimately, the patient’s spirit and ability to enjoy life. A chiropractor will always look for ways to improve the patient’s quality of life recommending them activities and hobbies that meet their restricted mobility requirements and are safe to do.

Giving multiple sclerosis patients respite from pain and stiffness is just as important as any other medical tests and check-ups. If a loved one suffers from this condition, find a chiropractor near you and book an initial appointment to give them a better chance at enjoying their life!

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