Many people resort to chiropractic treatment after they tried allopath medicine and other alternative treatments. Unfortunately, this means that they believe the chiropractor will work some magic on their spine and joints and make all their health problems go away. In reality, chiropractor works in specific, clearly defined ways. And the best way of making it work for you is having the right kind of attitude.

Chiropractic Treatment Improves the Functions of the Nervous System

The chiropractor’s work is focused on making sure that your nervous system works properly. This means:

•    Adjusting your spine to solve misalignments

•    Applying massage to heal inflammation and release pinched nerves

•    Stimulating nerves with dry needling

•    Recommending exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility.

When your chiropractic treatment includes manipulations of a specific joint, you must understand that the practitioner identified a problem there. Your chiropractor wants to improve your quality of life and help you relieve pain in a natural, non-invasive way.

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Pain Is Not the Best Indicator of Health Problems

Many people equal pain to ill health or injuries. However, the truth is that 90% of your nervous system cannot transmit pain. This means that your stiff neck can be caused by a pinched nerve in the spine, although you do not feel any kind of pain along your back.

Many patients are telling their chiropractor: “but I don’t feel any kind of pain there? Why do you want to adjust it?” This is an example of negative attitude towards chiropractic practice.

If you really want to benefit from chiropractor, you need to:

1. Be Clear about the Role of Chiropractor Treatment

Chiropractors will evaluate patients before devising a treatment plan. In some cases, you may be referred to another professional (including an allopath clinic) for further tests or specific treatments.

If you are not clear on how the chiropractor can help you, ask them during the first appointment. Do not be afraid to ask anything, even if it feels silly to you. There is no room for shame or fear when you are talking to a medical professional. The chiropractor will answer all your questions honestly. Thus you can proceed with your treatment with full clarity on what you can expect and when you may experience the first signs of improvement. 

2. Have Confidence in the Chiropractor

Any kind of patient-doctor interaction should be based on trust and confidence. You should disclose any pertinent information to the chiropractor, because any such disclosure is protected by the HIPAA privacy rules.

At the same time, confidence in chiropractic treatment is very important. You chose this type of treatment because you believed that it is the right thing for you. Do not lose this confidence. You wanted to stop taking pills for your pain or to avoid a risky surgery. These are strong reasons to choose chiropractic. Don’t lose your faith in the practitioner or the treatment.

3. Maintain Commitment throughout the Chiropractic Treatment

Commitment means more than showing up for all your treatment sessions. It also means being committed to pursuing a better life, listening to your chiropractor’s advice on topics that are not directly related to chiropractic treatment, such as:

•    Adopting a healthier diet

•    Giving up unhealthy habits, such as smoking

•    Leading an active life.

The adjustments alone will not solve your problems, especially when we are talking about chronic conditions. These conditions are the result of years of undue exertions that pushed your body to an unbearable limit.

Chiropractic treatment is most efficient if you have confidence in the practitioner and are committed to achieve the level of maximum healing. We encourage you to browse our register and find a chiropractor near you that you can trust!

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